The Thurston Democratic Unity Fund was founded in August of 2019 by Joe Hyer and Rob Richards - two lifelong Democrats and political operatives with over 50 years of campaign experience between them, ranging from local school board to US Presidential campaigns.

In a conversation at a fundraiser one night they realized that while they'd been on opposing sides of campaigns many times over the years - some that were divisive, tense, and made Democrats choose sides - they still love working side by side on the grill at the burger booth and always jump at the chance to join forces on campaigns they're both excited about.

"That's what the Democratic Party is all about,' says Joe, "it's a place we can find solidarity and support as we work to transform our community to meet our values. We're Democrats because we believe in just and compassionate leadership."

It was in that vein the idea for Unity Fund was hatched. The belief that above all else, if we work together we can take back our County Commission, hold our majorities in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, the State Legislature, and ultimately take back our US Senate and the White House. 

”The Unity Fund is about coming together,” says Rob, “It's about Democrats supporting Democrats. We're like siblings, we might argue inside the house, but out in the neighborhood, we've got each other's backs. Every news cycle reminds us of why this is important. When the stakes are high, we have to lift each other up.”